Ensuring every child receives a high-quality and
effective financial education

1 %
of children as young as 6 are more anxious about money because of the pandemic*
0 %
of children believe financial knowledge will help them when they are older*
hours allocated to financial education on primary curriculum in England

*From YouGov survey June 2021 on behalf of TCFC.

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Every child in the UK should be supported to develop the skills and behaviours necessary to navigate critical financial decisions in later life, starting at primary school. That mission is the driving force behind the launch of The Centre for Financial Capability.

The charity has been founded by the backers of the KickStart Money initiative, a ground-breaking coalition of 20 financial services firms who invested over £1 million to reach over 20,000 primary aged children with expert-led financial education for the first time.

2 out of 3 primary aged children who took part in the programme were working towards a savings goal after receiving lessons. This is nearly double the national average.
The new charity will continue to invest in financial education delivery but also champion innovation, build further evidence of what works and campaign for greater investment in this critical area.

In July 2021, the Centre for Financial Capability sponsored a report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People, backed by its 150 parliamentary members. The report called for high-quality and effective financial education for every primary child by 2030 and can be accessed here.

"Over the last year we've learned many things, but one of them is how important it is for people to have the information, the skills and the confidence to engage with their finances. The Centre for Financial Capability is a testament to the difference that can be made when financial services and the voluntary sectors join forces to improve financial education for children and young people, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Centre can achieve in the months ahead."

John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister

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Parliamentary Supporters of the KickStart Money initiative, funded by The Centre for Financial Capability, can be found here

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The Centre for Financial Capability is actively looking for new support from across the financial services sector and beyond. Could your firm join our movement? To ensure that every child in the UK is provided with the critical financial foundations for future life by becoming a Supporter firm.
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